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Omega Weekend Keynote Speaker

Meet our Omega Weekend 2016 keynote speaker!

Petulia Pierre was initiated Fall 2011 to the Omnificent Omicron Chapter Alpha Pledge Class at Fairleigh Dickinson University- Teaneck.

This past May, Petulia graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and minor in Psychology. She was born in Newark, NJ as a first generation American. At an early age she knew her purpose was to be a part of something bigger than herself, specifically to help others. Her goals include but are not limited to becoming a Midwife, creating a non-profit, and to ultimately give back to her parents' home countries: Haiti and Jamaica.

During her 5 years of being a sister, she has made it a mission to become acquainted with her sisters; both undergraduates and graduates. She broke out of her comfort zone and tackled a multitude of positions as a student leader through various campus roles. Some of those roles include President of the chapter, President of FDU’s Greek Council, Resident Assistant, All- Purpose Associate for the Office of Student Life, Peer Counselor/Resident Assistant for EOF and Orientation Leader. Through her experiences, she learned that there are many facets that people can extend themselves and grow.

Petulia's passion is Women Empowerment and she actively applies what she has learned with sisters and any other women she encounters. She feels it is essential that women know their value and constantly build themselves through new techniques for self-empowerment.

Her next milestones will include passing the boards to become a Registered Nurse and exploring different avenues for career choices. Petulia refuses to be put in a box and she will continue to be an innovator.

Don't miss Petulia's speech on Saturday, August 13th.

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