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See vendor contract and forms below.

Anyone wishing to design, manufacture, advertise, market, distribute, and/or sell merchandise printed with any of Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc.'s (OPC) trademarks or service marks and/or symbols must be authorized through the Vendor Partnership Program. Only products that are consistent with the brand of OPC and maintain a positive image of the organization will be approved. Individual sisters are not allowed to authorize the use of our trademarks.


Applications are accepted at any time and there is no fee to apply. The average turn around time is one (1) month, but could take longer under special circumstances. Accurately completing the application and providing photos of the all the items to be sold will increase the likelihood of approval and decrease the application processing time. Once approved, a licensing fee of $500 must be paid in full to activate the two (2) year license. Additional product designs may be added twice per year and must be approved prior to sale. An additional product fee of $100 will be required.


OPC protects its trademarks and pursues anyone that violates our marks and intellectual property rights. OPC will attempt to contact any business or individual who currently markets merchandise bearing our marks and is not a part of the Vendor Partnership Program to extend an invitation to apply for a license. If an application is not received by the invitation deadline then a cease and desist will be distributed and legal action may ensue. OPC has registered numerous trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We have also applied for several additional trademarks that are currently pending.


As a prospective licensee, please review the forms that govern our Vendor Partnership Program. OPC reserves the right to cancel any license that violates the guidelines of our vendor program, promotes a negative image, or is inconsistent with our brand.

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