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Omega Weekend: Resume Reboot

Omega Phi Chi is excited to announce that Lambda Chapter's Leah Baltazar will be leading a workshop about creating a strong resume during Omega Weekend. Leah's alumnae-focused workshop is set for Friday, August 12th from 10-10:45 a.m. in Coor Hall 186. We will be covering do’s and don’ts of resume writing and easy changes you can make on your resume to get the attention of the reader. It is key to understand what employers look and what is likely to turn them off. To demonstrate, there will be examples of bad and good resumes with a fun activity to go along with the examples. In addition, you can receive help on your own resume and/or have it reviewed if you’d like. This is a great opportunity to bring any questions you might have as well.

*Please print out and bring a copy of your resume for review.

About the speaker Leah was initiated in Spring 2010 as a Tr3 Club at Lambda Chapter in Arizona and is 26 years old. She received her B.S. at Arizona State University in 2012 in Tourism Development and Management with a Certificate in Convention Sales and Meeting Planning. She went on to complete a Master’s in Business Administration at Keller Graduate School of Management in 2015 with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Leah started off in the food service industry when she was 14 and worked her way up to management in multiple jobs in the process of transferring over to the corporate world. In her management positions, she's been part of the hiring process and decision making where she had to choose which resumes made the cut and what to look for in the potential candidates. She is currently a Compliance Analyst for SilverRock Automotive, a sister company of DriveTime and am getting the experience in this “start-up” company. She also is the oldest sibling of 9 and enjoys traveling, wine tasting, exploring new restaurants in the valley, as well as constantly thinking of new ideas for a business to be her own boss in the near future! Leah loves helping others with how they can make themselves more marketable and financially sound from what she has learned from her experiences and schooling.

Leah Baltazar

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