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Omega Weekend 2016: Holistic Health

We are pleased to announce that Upsilon Chapter Sisters Jordan Davis and Assem Imangaliyeva will lead us in a Holistic Health program at Omega Weekend 2016. The workshop is scheduled for 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, August 14 in the ASU Memorial Union, room 236 Mohave. This workshop is focused on maintaining a healthy state of mind, body and soul. With a focus on prevention and stress relief, the goal is to provide sisters with alternative ways to deal with the stresses that life may bring. The presentation will discuss women’s risks, meditation, holistic medications, healthy eating, and simple physical exercises that can make a difference. After this workshop, sisters will have received tools that they can not only implement in their daily lives but also be able to share with their chapters and communities. About the speakers Jordan Davis is going into her senior year majoring in Public Health: Health Policy and Management at Purdue University with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Jordan is from New Jersey and was initiated Summer 2015 alongside three other founding sisters of Upsilon Chapter. From a young age Jordan has always had a passion for health and taking care of others. Her passion has continued to follow her into college where she felt she could leave the most impact by pursuing the dream of one day becoming a healthcare lobbyist. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, cooking and traveling. Assem Imangaliyeva is founding sister #3 from Upsilon Chapter. She is originally from Kazakhstan, however before coming to the United States she was living in Germany. Assem is studying Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at Purdue University. Her hobbies are yoga, dancing, cooking and meditating. She also loves learning new things about human bodies. It is always mind blowing to actually understand that in reality our brain learns about itself, she said. Her favorite quote is “Never regret anything. If it was bad, it is an experience. If it was good, it is wonderful.” "Whatever I do in my life I try never regret my actions. We should simply live, love, laugh,” Assem said.

Assem Imangaliyeva & Jordan Davis

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