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Omega Weekend: Sisterhood Soul Flow Yoga

We are pleased to announce that Lambda Chapter's Madison Jacobs will be teaching a sisterhood soul flow yoga and meditation class at Omega Weekend 2016: Phoenix.

Although Madison’s first love and full-time job is writing (she works in marketing for a technology startup in San Francisco), she took her first yoga class in April of 2014 and the rest is history.

Shortly after starting her own practice, Madison became certified in various levels and styles of Power Yoga and began teaching in the Bay Area. After finding yoga, she realized that yoga was so much more than a stretching routine – it was a dynamic practice for not only her body but her mind and soul as well.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is something extremely important to Madison and yoga has become an integral part of her lifelong fitness and mindfulness journey. Her mission is to provide her students with an environment where they can get a fantastic workout while tapping into all the goodness that comes with accepting and appreciating who they truly are.

Currently, Madison also works for Black Girl In Om, a health and wellness brand that curates online content ( and live programs that help women of color breath easy and find a safe space to be their authentic selves.

Madison became a sister of Omega Phi Chi in Spring 2008 at Lambda Chapter, Arizona State University.

Follow Madison’s life story on Instagram @themaddierae.

Class info

The Sisterhood Soul Flow Yoga and Meditation class will be held on Sunday, August 14 from 8-9:30 a.m. at the Residence Inn Marriott. It will include a level 1 Power Yoga sequence and a meditation exercise. The session will focus on creating a safe space for a diverse group of women to experience the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, how the real meaning of yoga connects to sisterhood and how meditation can help us reflect and regenerate.

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