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Omega Newsletter

June 2024

end of semester evaluations due june 15th

new member educator applications fall 2024 due September 1st

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Kaitlyn Lopez
National President

Michelle Hayes
National Secretary

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Helena Bacheva
Director of

Patricia Ortiz
Director of

Martha Ugwu
Director of 
Public Relations

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Pink Bubbles



Be sure to submit any outstanding meeting minutes in Onyx Access by June 15th! If you have completed all meetings and already submitted everything in a previous report, you do not have to submit them again.


Social Media Content Ideas:

1. Highlight Member Achievements: Share posts celebrating sisters’ summer internships, study abroad experiences, or volunteer work.

2. Throwback Posts: Post nostalgic content from past events or successful moments to keep followers engaged.

3. Educational Content: Share posts about OPC’s history, values, and philanthropies to educate both current and prospective members.


Don't wait until the last minute to find a new member educator for the fall! The application is not due until September 1st, but the sooner you have an educator the better. It's never too late or too early to start looking!


Dos & Don'ts for submitting transcripts:

DO communicate if your transcripts will be delayed for any reason as soon as possible
(i.e. financial issues, possible grade changes, delayed grading, summer classes, etc)

DO submit clear and legible transcripts

DO inform the National Archivist of any transcripts that are submitted through OA instead of emailed

DON'T forget to submit your transcripts if you are currently inactive and plan to be active for the upcoming semester

DON'T wait until the due date passes to reach out if your transcripts are delayed

DON'T submit transcripts for multiple sisters in one email without having them labelled and organised

Omega Weekend Flashbacks!

Omega Weekend 2016:

Omega Weekend 2017:
New Jersey (the MotheRland!)

Omega Weekend 2019:
New Orleans #OLNA2NOLA

Omega Weekend 2022:
Las Vegas #VivaLasOmegas

Feeling nostalgic? Let's continue making some amazing memories in Atlanta, Georgia this year! Click below to purchase a package:
Omega Weekend 2024 Packages


Due to feedback we've received regarding Onyx Access/GreekTrack, we will be transferring to a new sisterhood platform called Greektory. It is imperative that all sisters sign up and get started in this app to get acclimated and stay in touch with sisters across the country!

Why should I switch to Greektory?

- Once we have completed transferring to this application, we will be collecting dues and forms on this platform. It will eventually be required to pay your dues (for now, we still use Onyx Access to collect dues, but you will be notified when this final transition happens).

- You can search OPC sisters by location (city/state), career field, crossing semester, and chapter to allow for better networking opportunities!

- You'll be able to create polls in your chapter house to get to know chapter sisters better.

- The National Board and Alumnae Association are able to circulate information regarding national events (like Omega Weekend and Founder's Day Events) so you never miss a notification!

- You can share pictures, flyers, and videos with your chapter sisters.

- It's a very app-friendly platform. You'll be able to conduct OPC business or connect with sisters on the go!

To get started:

1. Download the Greektory application from your app store.

2. Click "Sign Up" and create your profile. Please be sure to use your sisterhood email for creating your account!

3. Search for your chapter's 'House' in the 'community' section. If this does not work for you, you may also reach out to an undergraduate member of your chapter so they can send you a link that will add you to the chapter house.

Please reach out to me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this!

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Log    In    to
Onyx    Access

In order to best support our chapters, we need to ensure we have all of the correct information.


We ask that you log into Onyx Access and update your profile. This includes contact information, job history, and any other information you are willing to share.


If you have not yet logged in:

  • Visit

  • Enter your OPC email address

  • Select "Forgot Password"

  • Reset the password

  • Log In!


You can find resource videos on how to use Onyx Access on the Omega Phi Chi, Onyx Access

YouTube page.

The National Board is now in a vacation period since it is the end of the semester, and many positions will be transitioning newly elected members. Please keep this in mind and allow for  more time when sending emails.

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