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February 4th @ 1pm EST

Omega Newsletter

February 2024

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Chapters may re-use any fliers on the national page for all holidays and culture-related posts. Feel free to screenshot and re-post our fliers for Black History Month or Chinese New Year!

Position Tips & Tricks


1. When requesting a sister certificate to be mailed to you, please be sure that your address in Onyx Access is both correct and the address you'd like to receive the certificate at.

2. Don't forget to submit all chapter meeting minutes in the forms portal of Onyx Access!

3. Meeting minutes will always be due on the 15th of each month, and (apart from the beginning or end of the semester) should always have 4 week's worth of minutes - 2 from the previous month and 2 from the current month.

Public Relations

1. Build strong relationships: Forge connections with student media, admin, and other student organizations to further amplify OPC's values.

2. Craft compelling messages: Develop clear and concise messaging that reflect the values and activities of OPC.

3. Utilize social media: Leverage social media platforms to engage with your audience and promote events, achievements, and initiatives.

4. Create engaging content: Produce visually appealing and engaging content such as graphics, videos, and blog posts to generate interest.

5. Coordinate events: Organize events that showcase OPC's contributions to the community and ensure they are well-publicized.



1. Please be sure to support all chapters during the process, even if your chapter does not have girls on. As long as you are active and attended the NME workshop, you can attend the session of any chapter.

2. If your are open to having session at your house please reach out to the educators or Director of Membership! (

3. 8 hours of session per week is required for all undergraduate chapters having intake. 4 hours per week is required for chapters that are not having intake.


Study Tips!

1. Once you get your syllabus, highlight important test dates and quizzes.

2. Find a study zone, a place that will be your dedicated work station.

3. Try to read chapters ahead of time. Use class as a way to "backfill" information or ask the professor questions for clarification. 

4. Familiarize yourself with the tutoring system at your school early on, just in case.

5. Get ahold of your professor's office hours for help and familiarity.

Black Background



General Body Meetings:

February 4th @ 1pm EST (virtual)

April 14th @ 1pm EST (in person, followed by Lunchbag @ 2pm EST)

NBOD Elections:

May 19th @ 1pm EST (virtual)



General Body Meetings:

- Chapters with 4+ active members must have at least 2 representatives and chapters with less than 4 members must have at least 1 representatives

- All attendees must be in business casual attire and in an attentive location

Position Reports:

- All position reports are due on the 15th of each month, except for the Treasury Report which is due on the 1st of each month. All reports may be submitted in the forms portal on Onyx Access.

Letters of Standing:

- Will be processed by the National President upon request.

- Require 3-5 days to complete.

Meetings with National President:

- Request by email (

Requirements and Fines Updates:

- Be sure to check the requirements matrix each semester, it has been updated since Fall 2023.

- The fines list has also been updated since Fall 2023, make sure you review it with your chapter before the semester begins.

- The GPA requirements have increased to 2.7 for active undergraduates and 2.8 for Potential New Members. Be sure to update any presentations or marketing materials that state otherwise.


- Please ensure all Undergraduates have signed the financial contract.

- National Treasurer Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 10am-8pm EST

- Contact Info: Kelly Banks (310) 756-3008

Vice Presidents:

- 1:1 meetings with the National Vice President must be complete by 2/16

- 20 hours of community service is required this semester, same as previously required.

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Corretta Scott King

Alumna Advisors:

-You should have gotten an email from the National VP, if you are not receiving emails please reach out to Paola Yanez (

Tropical Leaves
Feb 2024 OW Info.PNG


*Chapters with more than 3 active members must have at least 2 representatives at Omega Weekend. Chapters with 3 or fewer members must have 1 representative.

Spring 2024

February 7th - THETA CHAPTER @ 3:30PM and 8:00PM

February 8th - MU CHAPTER @ 8:30PM

February 12th - NATIONAL SOIREE @ THETA (see flyer below)

February 13th - EPSILON CHAPTER @ 8:00PM

February 23rd - PSI CHAPTER @ 8:00PM

Process Updates


February 8th @ 8PM EST

February 11th @ 12PM EST

*This is a mandatory workshop if you would like to have session privileges. Attendance is required for all active undergraduates, and any active alumnae that did not attend the Fall '23 workshops. These will be the ONLY workshops of the semester, no exceptions.


Alpha - Ebony Crandoll (732) 439-6440

Gamma - Karen Gutierrez (201) 850-9816

Epsilon - Catalina Garcia (201) 572-0076

Theta - Zoë Hall (862) 754-2110

Mu - Elizabeth Moyeno (201) 205-3777

Nu - Gianna Flores (201) 588-4042

Omicron - Bianca Cribeiro (551) 655-2956

Psi - Gabrielle Arroyo (914) 246-1588

Pink Liquid

Onyx Access Log-In Instructions

In order to best support our chapters, we need to ensure we have all of the correct information.


We ask that you log into Onyx Access and update your profile. This includes contact information, job history, and any other information you are willing to share.


If you have not yet logged in:

  • Visit

  • Enter your OPC email address

  • Select "Forgot Password"

  • Reset the password

  • Log In!


You can find resource videos on how to use Onyx Access on the Omega Phi Chi, Onyx Access

YouTube page.

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