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Omega Newsletter

April 2024


April 14th, 2024

In-Person General Body Meeting @ 1pm EST

Lunchbag Project @ 2pm EST

**see flyer below for location information


- All positions require nominees that are active Alumnae. 

- Nominees must be members in good standing for at least 3 calendar years (no probation)

- If an inactive member is elected to the position, they must become active within the next 30 days after being elected

- President and Membership nominees must be active members in good standing for a minimum of 5 years (no probation)

- Those nominated for President must have previously held at least 1 National Board position, and must be an active Alumnae for at least 2 consecutive calendar years

***Please refer to position descriptions that were sent via email and are available in the files section on Onyx Access before nominating yourself or others.

Pink Bubble Tea
Pink Bubble Tea



1. When taking meeting minutes, be sure to advocate for yourself. Ask people to slow down or repeat themselves if you missed anything.

2. If you are not receiving sisterhood emails, first check your spam and junk folders. If you don't see emails in there, please send an email to requesting to be added to the listserv.

3. During chapter elections, remember to record votes in an anonymous manner. Some good options are to pass around a list of candidates names and sisters can place a check next to their vote, or if meeting online you can use an anonymous polling platform like Doodle.

Public Relations

1. Respond promptly. Address inquiries and concerns from any student organization, campus community, and the public in a timely manner.

2. Monitor Public Perception: Keep an eye on public sentiment towards OPC and be proactive in addressing any negative feedback or misconceptions.

3. Stay informed: Stay up-to-date on current events, trends, and best practices in public relations to continuously improve your strategies and tactics.

4. Collaborate with Members: Involve other members of your organization in PR efforts, tapping into their skills and networks to broaden your reach.

5. Evaluate and Adapt: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your PR efforts and be willing to adapt your strategies based on feedback and results.


1. Please support Mu and Omicron chapters during crossing!

    - Cindy and Turnabout: April 4th through 6th

    - Crossing: April 6th through 7th

2. Undergraduates at chapters having intake are required to have 8 hours in session per week. Undergraduates at chapters not having intake are only required to attend session for 4 hours per week.



1. Follow up with your professor during this midterm period to see if there’s any thing you can do to boost your grade if you’re struggling. While it may be awkward or tedious, simply showing face or showing that you care goes a long way and professors are more likely to help you out if you’ve already established a relationship than waiting until the end of the semester to ask for help.

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Omega Weekend Updates and Reminders!

- The Alumnae Association will be hosting 3 workshops

- Payment plans are available for purchasing a package

- Early Bird prices end June 1st, 2024!

Click here for a list of fun activities in Atlanta!

Destroying All Boundaries Re-Cap:

- Thank you to all panelists and attendees for making the event so wonderful!

- An important quote from Sherry Brown:

"In this body, I'm divine, 

a wondrous creation, so fine.

A temple so sacred, my spirit's abode,

I cherish this gift, on this life's road.

With gratitude, I rise, embracing the day,

My body, my vessel, in every way.

It serves me with grace, in all that I do,

A reflection of beauty, so pure and true.

So let's celebrate, with joy and with cheer,

Our bodies, our temples, are so precious and dear.

For we are the light, in this world so grand,

Together, in love, we proudly stand."

Additional Notes from the Vice President:

- Don't forget to finish your community service hours!

- April 22nd is Earth Day! Click here for community service opportunities at local parks!

Welcome Gamma Chapter
Spring 2024!

Alpha Delta New Member Class 

Class Name: EPΩCHAL


1. Alaina "Ember1yX" Lucret

Ethnicity: African American & Puerto Rican 

College: New Jersey City University


3. Serena "X3phyrine" Isaac

Ethnicity: Haitian 

College: New Jersey City University


4. Gabrielle "Xav4ni" Alfred

Ethnicity:  Sri Lankan, Cuban, African American

College: New Jersey City University

Educator: Karen Gutierrez

Assistant Educator: Camila Solomon 

Heart Shape Soap Bubbles

Onyx Access Log-In Instructions

In order to best support our chapters, we need to ensure we have all of the correct information.


We ask that you log into Onyx Access and update your profile. This includes contact information, job history, and any other information you are willing to share.


If you have not yet logged in:

  • Visit

  • Enter your OPC email address

  • Select "Forgot Password"

  • Reset the password

  • Log In!


You can find resource videos on how to use Onyx Access on the Omega Phi Chi, Onyx Access

YouTube page.

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