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Omega Newsletter
November 2023

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Position Tips & Tricks


1. When uploading meeting minutes, don't forget each month should have 4 weeks worth of submissions (except for the beginning and end of the semester).

2. Any sister who wants her Sister Certificate can fill out the Sister Certificate Request Form by clicking "More", then "Forms" in the toolbar of your Onyx Access home page!


1. Please be sure to support all chapters during the process. Even if your chapter does not have girls on you can attend the sessions of other chapters. Please see the following sections for chapters with important process events coming up.

2. If you're struggling to find session locations, keep in mind you are allowed to use inactive sisters' locations, but they are not allowed to be in the room during session.

3. Chapters that have girls on are required to have 8 hours of session time per sister, and those who do not have girls on are only required to have 4 hours of session time per sister.

Public Relations

1. Don't be afraid to venture out in your flyers! Use silver and gold, the OLNA Lady, Lady's Pink Slipper, paw prints, etc. Just don't forget to include our shield!

2. Remember who the viewer is or may be. Could someone who wears glasses read this, could someone who is deaf or hard of hearing listen to this video? Remember to utilize closed captions where necessary or high color contrast for those with color blindness.

3. Be creative in your marketing! Use social media trends to your advantage when promoting events or doing campus outreach.


How to Upload Your Transcripts in Onyx Access:

1. Navigate to your user profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the home screen.

2. Click "Account Manager"

3. Click on the "Attachments" tab

4. Click "Create Folder" and name it Transcripts

5. Open the new Transcripts folder

6. Rename your transcript file as follows: Semester_Year_First_Last_Transcript (i.e: Fall_2023_Jane_Doe_Transcript)

7. Select "Share files with your officers, advisors, and OPC Staff"

Photo Challenge!

Fall Tokens
November 2023 Calendar.PNG

Lunchbag Project 

November 5th, 2023 @ 2pm
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck
Rutherford Room in the

Process Updates

Welcome our newest sister Carolyn Paredes!

Chapter: Alpha

Crossing Date: October 28, 2023

Crossing Name: AurΩra

Ethnicity: Ecuadorian

Educator: Kacey Balseca

Nu Chapter (2 PNMs)

Cindy: Tuesday November 7th

Crossing: Thursday November 9th

Gamma (1 PNM), Mu (1 PNM), Theta (2 PNMs)

Dawn: Friday November 10th

Cindy: Thursday November 16th

Crossing: Friday November 17th


Onyx Access Log-In Instructions


In order to best support our chapters, we need to ensure we have all of the correct information.


We ask that you log into Onyx Access and update your profile. This includes contact information, job history, and any other information you are willing to share.


If you have not yet logged in:

  • Visit

  • Enter your OPC email address

  • Select "Forgot Password"

  • Reset the password

  • Log In!


You can find resource videos on how to use Onyx Access on the Omega Phi Chi, Onyx Access

YouTube page.

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